Recommended care for your chalice

The Parameters We Maintain

Alkalinity at 8 dKH

Calcium at 440 ppm

Magnesium at 1370 ppm

Nitrates at 5ppm

Phosphates at 0.03 - 0.05ppm 

Keep an eye on Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium which are essential for Echinophyllia growth. If levels appear low, bring them up consistently to the desired parameters as opposed to a sudden burst. Keep nitrate levels low but don't forget that a small amount of nitrate is still needed in the biological process.

The Temperature We Maintain


The most common temperature for marine tanks is between 24ºC - 28ºC (76ºF - 83ºF). Be sure to avoid tank temperature over 30ºC (86ºF) during the hot summer.

Positioning In Your Tank

Water Flow

The most ideal water flow is moderate, to avoid detritus from settling. The positioning is also best placed horizontally in your tank as the natural form of growth is circular. 


Low to moderate, although the Echinophyllia is able to adapt to lighting more easily than other corals. To be safe, start with low lighting by placing your Echinophyllia at the bottom of your tank and allow adaptation to the lighting prior to any desired readjustments being made.


This is a personal choice for each individual hobbyists. We are happy to give you further advice if you are not sure

Compatibility with other corals

The echinophyllia is semi aggressive and could sting nearby corals. Allowing plenty of room and ensuring that you find a secure position in your tank (if placed on your rockwork) is crucial. This would mean that, with your water flow, your chalice will not fall off the rocks or onto another coral.