Recommended care for your lobophyllia

The Parameters We Maintain

Alkalinity at 8 dKH

Calcium at 440 ppm

Magnesium at 1370 ppm

Nitrates at 5ppm

Phosphates at 0.03 - 0.05ppm 

Keep an eye on calcium, this is crucial for lobophyllia growth. If you do find that your calcium levels are low then check your magnesium levels first as magnesium makes calcium available. 

The Temperature We Maintain


The most common temperature for marine tanks is between 24ºC - 28ºC (76ºF - 83ºF). Be sure to avoid tank temperature over 30ºC (86ºF) during the hot summer.

Positioning In Your Tank

Water Flow

Place your lobophyllia in a low to moderate water flow area with some turbulence. Ensure that the water flow is not one directional as this could cause the tearing of the coral tissue.


Moderate or high lighting are both enjoyed by the lobophyllia. Place your lobophyllia at the lowest point in your tank, initially. Keep an eye on how your coral responds to the lighting and adjust this accordingly (i.e - placing the lobophyllia higher in your tank if desired).


This is a personal choice for each individual hobbyist. We are happy to give you further advice if you are not sure. 

Compatibility with other corals

The lobophyllia is aggressive towards other species so ensure sufficient space from other species in your tank. This will avoid aggression to other corals when the tentacles come out at night or during feeding.